Statement Art Gallery

Mike Biggs

  • Blissful Blaze
  • Death Bed
  • Dexter and the Ray Gun
  • Evil Teddy
  • Eyes of Mothra
  • No Bark, All Bite

Mike Biggs was born and raised in Las Vegas. And fine artist, tattoo artist and musician, but his first love is art. Biggs' attended the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies and Performing Arts for four years. After graduation, he continued his studies at the Art Institute of Phoenix where he obtained a degree in computer animation.

Combining this with is artistic talent, he launched his career in Las Vegas designing casino video games. His clientele ranged from major hotels to law firms. His murals grace both homes and businesses. He has designed cover art for bother books and musical bands. He is a man of many artistic hats, but manages to wear them all equally well.

Biggs' high level of originality and experimentation loves to explore the contradictions of culture and the so-called civilized world. His vivid colors and iconic imagery are sometimes dark but always evocative.

While the displayed art may at first glance appear to be the stuff of horror movies, it's not about the gore. Themes range from religion and capitalism to being the slave at a 9-to-5 job. The works all have deeper meanings behind them, you just have to look beyond the metaphor.