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Laura Zollar

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Like her fine art, achieved layer upon layer, Laura Zollar is the personification of still waters running deeply. Her bright smile and calm exterior belies the depths of her experiential interpretations on canvas. Her paintings are like a restless sea of imagery which delights in the wild, the mystic, the metaphysical and the inspirational. All her works, to some degree, are an autobiographical blend of subjective reality experienced through her emotional, dream-like works of art. Expectation, grief, joy, regret, transformation, anger, guilt, love, loss, personal power, strength, healing, all the emotions that make up the ebb and flow of life are revealed in each of her paintings that tell a story in visual poetry.

Her works are envisioned often with conceptual simplicity that is almost elemental but are executed with expressive complexity that creates an overall intensity that is both seen and felt. She immediately engages the unconscious mind, beyond physical perception, employing archetypal symbols, spirals, spheres and nature icons to communicate deeply to the viewer. Laura was raised in Austin Texas. Following graduation from college with a degree in Fine Art, Zollar applied her talents for more than a decade in the advertising profession. This involved several years as a partner in a design firm, which supported her passion to develop a solid body of paintings and drawings.


Zollar's fine art has been shown in numerous venues over many years with artwork in several collections and her involvement in the art world included ownership of a gallery in Las Vegas. She is presently showing in Denver and Santa Barbara. She currently lives in Las Vegas with her family.