Statement Art Gallery

Leigh McCormick

Leigh McCormick is a native Las Vegan who first entered the art scene decades ago before she found that words where her passion. Every image and every message she ever wanted to create in oils on canvas, she found that she did best with a keyboard. Forfeiting oils for ink, she still found the need to express herself visually discovering photography. After spending 6 years in broadcast news editing videotape, she developed an educated eye for light and composition. With photo albums and digital folders filled with beautiful images, she realized that anyone with a smart camera can now take beautiful pictures. Unfortunately most of those amazing photos are 95% nature and 5% artist eye.

After all her training, she knew she had an eye and thus the the albums of beautiful images that she finds hard to call art. So about 15 years ago, she began playing with light and long exposures, moving the camera as a paintbrush to create patterns. Less traditional but more evocative, she has been creating these pieces for years. Naturally the minute she decided to show them everyone got the same idea. That synchronous well we all drink from always disappoints the second artistic exhibitor. The assets she has with what she calls her "Spin Art" is that she still has words in her artistic tool box to title the emotional interpretations in an art world where selling photography is a hard sell.

She is best known for her work as gallerist manager of the former Damned Ink Studios, which is now STATEMENT ART GALLERY, managing the resident artists there. Her return to the arts community came in 2004 with artist-husband, Danny Robert's first solo show at the Arts Factory. Since that time she has been a constant presence and advocate of the Arts District and emerging local artists.