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Greg Koch

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Greg Koch has lived in Vegas for the past 4 years and has been inspired by the region to pull out his cameras and capture the beauty and energy of the southwest and in his travels. Greg's love for photography began in high school with instruction from his father who taught him the fundamentals on an old manual Minolta.

The following years in high school he developed his eye and skills while taking pictures for the yearbook. In college, he worked one year for the university newspaper as a staff photographer but time and energy for photography dwindled as he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering.

Three years after college he arrived in Las Vegas, and hasn't put away his cameras since. He has embraced the moving mountain vistas and harsh elemental existence of the southwest. He continues to explore the world through his view finder. He currently uses a Canon Rebel S (35mm SLR) and Minolta SRT 201 (35mm SLR).

About his MONUMENTAL show of 2010: Artwork of all calibers can invoke memories and emotions that may or may not be realized. This show captured the mood and emotion that these statues created.