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Danny Roberts

Danny Roberts was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's worked for the past fifteen years in the commercial arts field and the past eight years in the fine arts field.

In 2004, his first fine arts solo show was The Injured, at The Arts Factory in Las Vegas. The show included fourteen of his pastels. He followed The Injured seven months later, in 2005 with twenty new oil paintings that were unveiled at the Art's Factory, in a show called Externalities. Over the past five years he has produced two to three shows a year showing in Las Vegas, Portland, Sacramento, Phoenix and Palm Springs. He currently has an artist-owned gallery, DAMNED INK STUDIOS upstairs at the Art's Factory which will be transitioning from selling only his originals and highly collectable prints and giclées, to featuring a collection of other fine artists. He most recent solo show "Crossroads" was featured in the Brett Wesley Gallery.

Danny Robert's figurative works often mix surreal and realistic elements. Metaphors that repeat are dramatic movement, obscured vision and the cultural tools and weapons used for and against modern life. He reaches deeply into the collective unconscious to capture in oils the human spirit at a moment of indecision. His subjects explore both internal and external epiphany, from a personal crisis of faith to a choice that could crumble a nation. Sometimes hopeful, sometimes heartbreaking, his amazing works explore the depths of every man's conflicting relationships with culture, nature and responsibility.

Whether in computer graphics, graphite, charcoal, water colors, pastels or oils, his skills are primarily self-taught. In style, subject matter and inspiration, Danny Roberts is building a reputation for refined skill and disturbing beauty. He currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife.