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Dasha Biggs

  • Misleading Acension
  • Leigh I'm missing my title
  • Swamp Princess
  • Gansta
  • Tra La La
  • No Strings

Dasha Biggs was born into the world of art in Moscow, Russia. Mesmerized and inspired by the mysterious and colorful paintings of her grandfather, Dasha's first artistic attempts emerged as doodles, that became so noteworthy, that they captured the attention of the Rhyman School. Here she landed a scholarship and became entrenched in the study of art, expressing herself in multiple forms.

Dasha presented at various galleries including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

A natural course of work took her on a pathway into graphic design and animation. And her talent landed her a job in Las Vegas as a Venetian mask artist for a major hotel. A few years later Dasha returned to graphic arts designing games for customers around the globe.

Her current passion is her fine art and collaborative projects with her best friend and husband, Mike. They live in Las Vegas and together they hope to take their art worldwide and become seasoned travelers.