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Bhen Rudha

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Bhen Rudha (Ven ROO-ah, it means "Red Woman" in stylized Gaelic) is her professional name and she was born in Las Vegas in 1975. At the age of nine she bought her first piece of quartz in Yellowstone National Park. At age twelve, she consecrated a set of stones under the full moon to make her first stone bag. Her Irish heritage has made her a fifth generation practitioner of a Family Tradition of Witchcraft and esoteric pagan philosophy. She have openly been a Pagan and a practicing witch ever since.

She loved collecting and learning the mythology and folklore of semi-precious stones since she was a child, taking all that love and putting it into each of her designs, in the hopes that one will catch your eye. Her first stone spells were small pouches to help my friends get the boys they wanted, and since then she helped friends quit smoking, sleep better, cleanse houses, and cure headaches, among other things.

When she began her interest in jewelry making, her use of the stones followed her life long practice. That is, designing with a purpose. When you buy one of her bracelets, you hold in your hand a Crystallized Intention, a spell set in stone so to speak. This is not crystal healing. She's not telling you to place these on your chakras to rebalance the negative energy in your body, nor am does she claim that these pieces of jewelry will cure disease. But if your stress level is high, you may banish a headache or worry with one of my bracelets. They work with your intention as a kind of sympathetic magick. The bracelets are designed to help you focus on a particular desire, but it is still you that does the work. If a stone has no historical folklore attached to it, the stones in the jewelry are chosen using historical color theory, though there are some that have taken on particular meanings for me that may not necessarily coincide with what is written elsewhere.

Each bracelet is a self contained spell that you can use as much or as little as you like. With the more general intentions, such as the elemental set, you can wear a different one everyday, depending on what aspect of the element you may feel the need to call upon.

She loves making jewelry if only for it beauty and she hopes you love wearing them. May they serve you long and well.