Statement Art Gallery

STATEMENT ART GALLERY has been a destination gallery that began as the artist-owned gallery of Danny Roberts. Over the past year it has successfully expanded its vision by hosting equally bold resident artists as Laura Zollar, Mike Biggs, Teresa Maharaj, Dasha Biggs, Spencer Davis and Greg Koch. It has a reputation for hosting guest artists such as Dale Mathis, Cristina Paulos, Joseph Watson, Michael Vitone, Mark T. Zeilman, John Fanok, Erika Allison, Mike Tino, Richard King, Annie Wildbear, Michael Dodson, Angelina Greenworrd DeGraw, KD Matheson, Andrew Caston, Mike Fergusen, Joshua Levin,Carrieann Lago, Carrie Bourdeau, Todd Duane Miller and James Henninger. The coming year is looking forward to new works from these and other great artists whose works in solo, semi-solo and group shows will be competitive in craft and narrative with these outstanding artists.

STATEMENT ART GALLERY promises to continue to be a significantly galvanizing energy in the 18b Arts District of Las Vegas for art and artists as it has for the past four years with a reputation for bold, emotional, well-crafted, social commentary by underground, outsider and lowbrow artists.

Featuring "SIZE DOESNT MATTER" small show. All featured pieces under $100